How would you rate Google or Adobe Analytics?

Customer / User Insight Analysts can be focused on the Customer/Users behaviour from within the project / journey. Especially in the field of App usage.

It's how the tools are used within the process and why, what questions are they hoping to get answers for and, why?

I was the lucky few to recognise the absolute steal their "Boots For Life" were on sale, :D

CX — The sum of all interactions with your brand from all customers and potential customers and their on-going relationship with your brand.

It’s commonly believed that it’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than to try and acquire a new one. In these tricky, uncertain economic times, there is often a natural tendency to compete in a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ where price-sensitivity is the most important driver. This might be true for one-off purchases, where the relationship is going to be limited but, this isn’t the best way to grow and retain your audience. …


What do we mean by the customer journey? Simply put, analysing the path that the customer takes while they are navigating the site, to produce actions that benefit both the customer and their experience.

Why should we care about analysing the customer journey? Customers are at the heart of all businesses, without them, there is no business. Analytics helps us to prioritise where to assign resources and research by adding measurable numbers to customer actions. It helps us understand if we’re succeeding and if our customers are happy with the services we’re providing.

Insight and Analytics help break down some…

Brian Fleming

Currently looking for an opportunity to show a holistic approach to the CX process . All views my own.

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